Change of plans

Little change of plans. My boyfriend and I moved into the apartment we live in now last fall, perfect location in the beautiful Kópavogur. Only takes two minutes to walk down the the valley with the dog and the baby, loads of playgrounds, kindergardenschool is only a five minute walk away from our house and all of the grocery stores, pharmacys, shopping mall, within walking distance of our house. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a yard - just sayin. Our rent-contract was for one year, but we were going to exdent the contract for another year and then get a bigger, two bedroom place after that. But nooo, the landlord is coming back from Denmark so,
We're moving!
For the 4th time in two years! And so, all of our plans of improoving the apartment, fixing up the yard and such have gone out the window since we're moving in four months...
The upside to all of this is, and well, my favorite part: getting settled into a new home and starting over yet again - getting new things, getting rid of the things we don't need anymore. Basically a major cleanout. AND orginizing a new home. Fun times ahead.

Here is what I had just started doing with our kitchen.

Before. Quite raw and boring.

As you can see the tiles are white, but inbetween there are four tiles painted in these colors above. That was my color scheme.

And here is the kitchen now. Much better. I went to IKEA and bought the fabric for the curtains and the picture frame which I then painted white. Spent one evening sewing the curtains. I bought the World Map Poster in New York City a few years back, it finally got a place to call it's own after being in a storage box since I bought it. Chilli plant in the window, along with the little plant that my grandmother gave me.

The things that I was going to do next were get new chairs! My boyfriend is increadibly attached to these chairs, he's had them since forever ago, got them from a school somewhere. I've wanted them out since we started living together. Originally, I was thinking about just fixing them up with a beautiful blue fabric instead of the old, worn out red, but then one of the seat is broken so YAY, it's going out soon. But probably not before we move out so they have four more months to live with us. Then I was going to paint three little pictures to have between the two windows. Each canvas would hold one letter: E A T, in red and white. Pretty cute. I already bought the canvas and have sketched up the letters, all that is left is to paint it. So, that will be the end of the kitchen make-over.

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