Picture display

I'm really loving this one. These kind of racks can also be used under books, in kids rooms for instance.

I love when the photographs sit on the shelfs..

Now, since I rent, I can't drill tons and tons of nails into the concrete walls to hang up pictures - even though I'd love to have so many more pictures up than I do. So I came up with this:

The two top nails were already in the wall by the owner. I took black ribbon and tied on the back of the pictures and hung it up. But, I need to update my picture display. We don't have any pictures of our son, for example (only the sonogram pictures). When I was seven months pregnant we went to a photoshoot and we still haven't developed any of them, and our son went to a photoshoot when he was 5 weeks old - we're still waiting for those pictures..

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