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Inspire me wednesday

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Love the painted floor!
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Love this room! The wall is fantastic!
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In over my head

The last couple of days have felt like


Too much laundry to do, too much cleaning to do - add a baby with a fever on top. 
But there is a bright side:
Roadtrip next weekend! Whooo*

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A moment in time

Máni five months old, time goes by too fast!
Pictures shot by our friend Ómar Örn Smith*




A timeless design; The Tolix chair. First manufactured in France in 1930, the real deal chairs are still made with the same process at the same location. That's truly amazing.


Inspire me thursday

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H E L L O   S U M M E R !
The Icelandic summer is finally here. The first couple of weeks of june were weird, to say the least - sun, rain, windy, snow, you name it we had it. Now the sun is finally out to play and the past week and a half has been bright and sunny. We've gone swimming, running in the valley, bbq and sunbathing - lots of sunbathing! Wonderfull*

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Note: check out the stenciled floor! Beautiful!

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Note: The walls were not painted all the way up.

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The Quantum Table

Now here is something different. Not your typical dining table - The Quantum Table.


Just another pretty home...

...in sweeden, ofcourse!
see listing here

love the spice drawers



Ph50 designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958, made in Denmark for Louis Poulsen. It now has gotten a beautiful new twist. At $876.00 a pop it'll be a while before this lamp lights my home.

Helgo peberkværn

O - I want one

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