Nina Holst lives in this gorgeous, gorgeous apartment in Norway which recently appeared in ELLE decoration. She's the founder of Stylizimo - check out her blog here. 

On another note, this time next week I'll be somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to Copenhagen! From the airport I go straight to Lund, Sweeden where me and one other friend stay with our friend who lives there. Friday we're going to spend shopping and walking around Malmö. Saturday through Monday we'll be in Copenhagen. I'm so excited!


  1. Nina is just so talented. i particularly love her home office, I really wouldn't mind sitting there to work everyday! Have a great time in Lund - maybe I'll bump into you when you're out shopping in Malmö!! :)

  2. I would love to sit there and study and blog - imagine how homework would be so much more fun in a nice office like this!

    And thank you! I'm really looking forward to going, it would be amazing to bump into you :)

  3. How un to see my home on your blog! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

    Enjoy your trip to Copenhagen. We where talking about travelling there this weekend actually, but we have delayed it.. Have fun!

    Nina xx

  4. The black and white vase is amazing, where is it from? Do you know where i can get one?

    1. Vasinn heitir Omaggio og er frá Kahler - þeir voru að lenda í Hrím Hönnunarhús :)


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