Hope all of you are having a nice Saturday. I'm at home with my little one who's had a high fever for three days now. While the child is asleep and the house is quite and smelling like fresh cup of coffee I thought I'd put together a small collection of photos that I have collected on my computer lately. Speaking of computers - I need to buy a new one for school, work, photo editing, etc. Any recommendations? 

On another note, my gorgeous sister Elín has just started her own blog. She became a make-up artist just a few months back and now shares her make-up inspirations, tips and what she's doing on her brand new blog ELÍN LIKES. I recommend you check it out! 

Do you make any new years resolutions? I always do, sometimes just one but some years many. But this time around I'm just going to focus on doing the little things with great love, be more organized and stop listening to negativity from others. A short and realistic list of new years resolutions.  

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