Came across these hand printed star maps by Stellavie over at Weekday Carnival and had to share. Who doesn't love to look up at night and look at the stars? I have to admit I have a little thing for nice maps and used to have in my old apartment a large world map in the kitchen. I loved looking at it while eating dinner and dreaming about the next trip, where to go and what to do.  The sky is the limit, literally. 

I would love to have the white one, with the southern sky. Which one would you like?


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    1. Finnst þetta algjört æði - skellti heimskortinu mínu upp á vegg í dag eftir að það var búið að sitja niðri í geymslu frá því að við fluttum síðasta vor.

  2. Check out these star maps as well, published in July 2011...



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