This apartment is a show apartment for the project Sjövik quay on Liljeholmskajen in Stockholm were the few carefully chosen furnitures and details are kept minimalistic with a restrained color scheme, combined with the various textures of wood, marble and concrete to give the apartment a character. A job well done. 

I got really excited when I was looking down the list for Apartment Therapy's annual "The Homies" blog competition this morning and saw my name on the list of blogs that had received nominations for "Best Home Design & Inspiration blog"! Thank you for thinking of me! If you're interested in joining the fun and VOTE click here

Hope your week is getting off to a nice start! Lovey Monday.


  1. Awesome awesome apartment! Totally in love :) And congrats on the nomination! xx

  2. Love it! Virkilega stílhreint og fallegt.

  3. Þessi tilnefning kemur mér ekki á óvart, bloggið þitt er endalaust fallegt! ;-)

    Geðveik íbúð, elska þennan stíl.

  4. P.s. Gleymdi auðvitað að óska þér til hamingju með tilnefninguna, átt hana svo sannarlega skilið :)


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