Hello Tuesday! Today's been really nice and relaxing. My boyfriend is on summer vacation this week so it's nice to have him around all day. Today's also my mother in law's 65th birthday! So I have some mango+coconut cupcakes in the oven that we are going to bring with us when we go pay her a visit. 

What I've got for you this time is this light, airy and bright Goteborg apartment from Alvhem. As you already may know if you read my blog from time to time I tend to fall quite frequently for Swedish apartments... There's just something about them... This one features the wow factor that always catches my attention; double doors, high ceiling and hardwood floors. It's a trio that I don't think I'll ever get tired of. Also one of the many beautiful furniture pieces in the living room you find the Karlstad couch from IKEA that I am planning on buying soon.  

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  1. Beautiful apartment. Alvhem are so clever, always! /Niki


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