When scrolling through pinterest suddenly my screen went pink; it was stacked with beautiful shades of pink pictures. I thought I'd gather a few together to share with you, after all it is summer and I think we all need a little color in our life's from time to time. 

Tomorrow morning I am going with my family on a week long holiday. I have been waiting for this for a while now. We are driving up to the west fjords of Iceland, it's where I grew up and most of my father's family still lives there in a town by the sea called Þingeyri. We are going to relax, drive to the nearby towns to explore a little. Something that I want to do this time that I've never done before is walk up on the surrounding mountains if the weather permits. Over the weekend of july 5th through 7th there's a little town festival so most of the people I grew up with are also going to be there. Joy, oh joy. 

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But don't worry. I've made arrangements so that the blog will stay active while I'm relaxing in the countryside. 

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