Hi there! Yesterday I was sorting through stuff on my computer and I removed Photoshop by accident from the computer. I wanted to show you a home tour but that has to wait until I get Photoshop back up and running on the computer (the photos are sooo large!). In the meantime, I have a few insta-snaps that show you a little what I've been up to. 

The boyfriend and I took our bikes on a lovely summer day downtown for lunch before work.

Roadtripping! Reykjavík-Þingeyri.

Reunited with a dear friend who lives in Sweden with red wine, cheese, chocolate, fruit and nuts. Perfect.

Sparkling wine and sushi at RUB23! Highly recommend this place for dining. Absolutely delicious!

Date night - a good bear, rooftop, sunset. Could it get any better?

Me and my angel on the beach. 

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