Along side my cup of coffee this morning I love looking through Swedish real estates. Not that I am planning on moving to Sweden in the nearest future it's just that the homes are so gorgeous! Here's one from Folkhem where the calm white on wood in mix with black, grey's and a hint of greenery create a wonderful home. What's not to love here?


  1. The living area really inspired me. It has all the elements on my wish list for my own living room: the Muuto tables, the Eames chair. And a C on the wall as in my first name... Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  2. Takk fyrir flottar myndir. Veistu hvar maður getur fengið flott ´posters´ eins og t.d. stafinn C sem er yfir sófanum? Og svart hvítar myndir eins og af fiðrildinu sem var í næstu færslu?


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