There have been a few little flies flying around in my head all carrying ideas on how to improve my blog. This is one of these flies whom I finally set free. Call me noisy but I love having a look into other people's home and it's probably where I seek most of my inspiration from. I contacted Annetta Kristjánsdóttir, a 25 year old student and one half of the blogger duo behind It's raining flamingos and foxes, who has lived in Berlin with her boyfriend Fabian Gerull for the past year and a half. I asked if I could get a look into her home and ask her a few home-related questions. 

Your blog, it's raining foxes and flamingos, how did that come around and what do you blog about? I had been thinking about it for a long time that I really wanted to create a good blog where I could share my thoughts and inspiration. After talking about it to my friend Ellinor we realized that we were having the same ideas and decided to start a blog together. We blog about everything that we find beautiful and interesting. Our adventures, good food, DIY and fashion. We love capturing beautiful moments and want to share these moments with people all over the world. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? I get inspired from pretty much everywhere. When it comes to fashion I just love walking the streets and getting inspired from the people walking by. 

What's your most recent buy for your home? The last thing I bought was a reindeer called Bucky (see photo number 5). It's a 3D recycled cardboard animal trophie. I bought it in Hrím the last time I was in Iceland and I'm so happy with it.  

What's on top of your wishlist? Right now I am longing for a HAY chair for the work space in our apartment. I also really want to find a nice industrial clamp lamps to have in the bedroom. 

Any home improvements coming up? My next project is making a picture wall in the living room. So for the next weeks I'm going to be seeking nice frames in the many markets we have here in Berlin. 

What's your favorite spot in your flat? I guess I would have to say my sofa. I just have the best moments there. Either in the morning with the first cup of coffee or at night watching a good movie with my boyfriend.

Do you have any good decorative tips for us? I am the type of person that gets many ideas and I want to do everything at the same time. But slowly I've learned that it's important to really think about the changes you want to make for the home. Ask your friends what they think just to get a different perspective. 

What are your favorite designers? I must admit that I'm not the best at remembering the names of each designer but when it comes to the home I love everything that comes from HAY. Iittala has also been my favorite for a long time especially because I am a huge admirer of Alvar Aalto's work.  

As much as I would have loved to visit beautiful Berlin to photograph her home that was just not possible. And so all the photos are taken by the lovely Annetta. 

I highly suggest you hop over to It's raining flamingos and foxes and take a look at her blog.


  1. Ástfangin af þessu fallega heimili!

    Og svolítið mikil öfund með HAY rúmfötin... ég er búin að ætla að kaupa þau í heilt ár ;-)

    1. Ó jà sama hér. Sé svo eftir því að hafa ekki keypt þau þegar ég fór í HAY búðina í Köben í fyrra.


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