Not long ago I met with Elín Bríta, a recently graduated prodct designer from Iceland Academy of  the Arts,  over a nice cup of coffee. I asked her a few questions and photographed her beautiful home in the west part of Reykjavík where she lives there with her boyfriend James Dickie.

When did you move into the apartment? This month it's been a year since we moved into the apartment. When we moved in the only thing we did when we moved was to paint the walls.

What's your favorite spot in your home? I'd have to say the kitchen, I spend a lot of time here either working on the computer or cooking, which I do a lot of.  It's great to be able to close the door for more privacy sometimes.

Are there any home improvements coming up? What I would like to do is to fix the floors and paint in white. The windows need a fix and I would really like to remodel the bathroom.

What is on top of your wishlist for the home? Defiantly the Arco lamp. A nice bench below the big window in the living room that could also function as a table would be nice. Block table from Norman Copenhagen is also up on my wishlist among many other things.

What's your latest buy? Geometric marble candle holder from Bloomingville and another candle holder from Peg and Awl that were both bought at Hrím.

From where do yo seek inspiration from? Pinterest is a brilliant website. I also follow many bloggers on instagram where you can see a glimpse of how they live and from visiting my friends and family's homes. Also from reading magazines like RUM and Frame. My favorite blogs would be Love Aesthetics and Weekday Carnival for instance.

Do you have a favorite designer? There are many really good designers I admire. For example Benjamin Hubert, Alvar Aalto, Fort Standard. I also really like most of the things from HAY and Norman Copenhagen.

Favorite stores? Hrím, where I work, and Epal here in Iceland. Scandium, Darkroom, Stilleben and Totokaelo.

Do you have any decorative tips for us? Don't think too much about how everything needs to fit perfectly with everything else in your home. Don't be afraid to mix together different types of wood, color, textures and old with new. It makes the home more warm and homey. 

Get to know Elín Bríta and her products more on her website here. And her upcoming project here


  1. Veistu hvaðan sófinn er? Hann er geggjaður!

  2. Æðisleg íbúð! flottar myndirnar hjá þér líka x

  3. Oh my! Hvað þetta er gorgeous íbúð! StarWars málverkið höfðar sérstaklega til mín, klárlega málið ;)

    1. Ég hugsaði einmitt til þín þegar ég var að mynda hjá henni.


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