I know I'm not the only one saying this but where did September go? It just flew by in the blink of an eye. Early September I finally purchased an iPhone 5 (life's never been so easy) so I've been quite insta-active for the last month. Here's a little insta-collage for you that shows you bits and bobs from the fantastic month that just passed. 

| I joined the Coffee Club and got this Kick Ass coffee in the mail | Hús & Híbýli, the magazine was made into a book. A lovely read| I had a date with this lovely boy where we celebrated five years together | What better way to end a school week but with some nude model drawing?

| That gift was on it's way to a birthday party| A few of the many temptations at work | Baking, what else am I to do?  | Reached 1000 followers on pinterest

| Working on a project on this street 10 | My little artist 11 | A fine autumn Sunday my little one and I visited my parents and jumped into their hot tub 12 | Monday dinner and cocktails with my favorite girls

13 | Family portrait 14 | A project for school in the works 15 | One cold and wet Friday morning I was sent out with a camera to shoot for yet another project at school. I was not prepared and returned freezing cold. 16 | My beautiful sister and I at a graduation party


  1. Skemmtilegar myndir og mikið væri ég til í allt á mynd nr 6

    Kv: Annetta


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