I hope you all enjoyed the little home tour and interview I published yesterday. I had so much fun doing this, and coming up with questions and it gives me great joy to be able to publish my own material on the blog. Stay tuned because I went for a visit yesterday and photographed a gorgeous home and interviewed such an amazing young product designer. It will be up soon...

As I mentioned last week I went out of town last weekend and to my pleasure the latest Hús & Híbýli waited in the mailbox just as I was about to hit the road. Of course I took it with me and read it over and over. The issue focused on bathrooms and it's endless possibilities in organization and decoration to make a lovely atmosphere into a room that is usually small and with few, small, windows (at least all of mine have been...) On one page they had put together a collection of shower curtains. The ones from By Nord were my absolute favorite. Photographic shower curtains, simply beautiful.  If my shower wasn't closed off by glass doors any of these three would defiantly be mine! Which one is your favorite? 

Available in Epal if my Icelandic readers are wondering. 


  1. love these! i think the iceberg is my favorite!

  2. Curtain at 3 position is looking very nice.


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