First of all thank you for the lovely feedback on my printable 2014 calendar that I posted about last Sunday! I am happy you like it! 

The gift wrapping season is upon us. It's one of my favorite things to do for Christmas! I finished wrapping up all of the gifts yesterday, except for one gift that is still in the store. Oh what a wonderful gift that is, my mother-in-law is one lucky lady. Today I am going to pick up the pictures that will be in the Christmas cards this year and I will finish writing those tonight. What is your favorite Christmas activity? Last Saturday we went up to the forest and picked out a beautiful tree and we put it up in our living room last night and decorated. It's our first Christmas tree since we started living together five years ago! It was about time. 
Here I have three photographs of three very different but all equally beautiful ideas of how to wrap your gifts. Do you go with a theme for your wrapping? What did you do this year? I usually go with a theme. Last year I chose to use plain, brown wrapping paper and a nice bow. This year I actually just used up any wrapping paper I had laying around, which is actually a lot. Some were brown with a twine, some were red with reindeer patterns and a bow while other's were wrapped in pictures I printed out. But they all have a little pine cones on them.


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