January has come and gone. A wonderful month in many ways but a lot has gone down. Like I always do at the end of the month or in the beginning of a new one I gather my favorite pictures from my instagram. Hope you enjoy!

1 My little Máni and me 2 January is the month of birhday's, here we are in April's 2nd birthday. I love how this picture reveals each character of the three children in the picture 3 My little baby boy turned 3 years old! How time flies! 4 The beginning of packing. 5 I love the snow, I don't understand how people don't, it's so peaceful and beautiful when it's around 6 My feature in the local newspaper 7 A gentle reminder 8 Since my boy is now a big boy he was able to visit the playing center at Ikea 9 April came for a visit and Máni is showing her his new train. I love how good friends they are 10 A little sneak peak behind the scenes. I had just finished renovating my little office corner when we found out that we had to move. Boohoo. 


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