We have been helping our friends painting their new apartment, and while doing so my head started spinning while thinking of how to make the best out of the space they are about to move into. It's full of possibilities, large windows, high ceilings, amazingly beautiful hardwood floors but the apartment is not the biggest of them all so good organization is crucial. This one belongs to Erina from One Deco Love - a very lovely interior blog. I adore the light gray palette she has in the space. Spot the Playtype posters, Menu candle holder, Ferm Living wire basket, Kahler tea light houses and HAY candle holder on the table. All really lovely things and many of which can kindly come live with me, please. While my head is still spinning with inspiration I am going to do some changes in my living room and kitchen while the energy is still here! 
Have a good Saturday afternoon. 

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