What, is it really Friday already? No way. This week has been a relaxing one after all that Design March jazz. Although a calm week was nice I'm still really looking forward to going back to school - Icelandic collage teachers have been on strike for two weeks now and frankly, I'm getting really excited for when they finalize a deal and we can head back to class.

On another note. Here's a little DIY projects for those who are like me, idle to get my hands slightly dirty. I love to play with textures and I think this could look really good on the wall right next to some pencil drawings or watercolor paintings, something soft to go along with the harshness of the steel. It's by Binnie Ahlsén from A Lost Place.

PS. Giveaway anyone?
PPS. Fancy reading an interview with me regarding Design March, hop over to Arts Thread for more.


  1. Wow, I'm so happy you like it! :) You can do wonders with self-adhesive plastic ;) Thank you for the shout out my friend!

  2. Jeez! That looks so cool! I feel inspired!

    - Kristine B


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