I ran out last Thursday to buy me some more marble self adhesive foil. This time I got it at Bauhaus. I chose the one with a hint of blues in the marble but they also had a black marble one and a white marble with dark grey hues. In our new house my desk is now in the middle of the dining room / living room area so things need to be organized. I had a tin box from Söstrene Grenes and then as it got more stuffed I needed another one also. I had this red box in the storage that I've had for years and years and I decided to marble it up and here is the result. To do this yourself follow these steps. 1. Cut the foil into the right sizes 2. Wrap the foil around the box. I used a plastic scraper to remove the air but you can also just use your fingers 3. Make incisions in the corners. Then cut upwards so that you take away a little triangle. That way the foil doesn't layer up on one another (see the second photo below) 4. Fold the sides to the bottom and to the inside of the box 5. Do the same with the cover. Good luck!

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