When my home is nice and tidy that is when I feel best in it. I love surrounding myself with little decorative things and making new arrangements - those are not just for the magazines! The first thing I do in the mornings is to make the beds - one task down before breakfast! Another thing is to let everything have it's place in the apartment. That way it's easy to access and to clean up after use. Also I love me some scented candles for a fresh scent. I am currently burning up the Roland Pine from Soap and Paper Factory - love that. For an instant umph pick up some fresh flowers, even just from your garden, arrange some candles or little decorative objects and move things around, hang up some pictures or artwork. If you rent like I do and are not allowed to drill into the walls washi tape and blu-tac comes in very handy! It's all about the little things. Lastly, vacuum daily - no matter how messy everything else is, it makes a huge difference to have at least some clean floors. Have a good weekend!

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