I am one who loves me some good steak or burger n' fries from time to time but lately I have just not had the appetite for any kind of meat except for fish, which I love, being raised in a family of sailors and all. So I have been looking for some great meat-less recipes that would hit the mark with the man of the house who loves his meat.

Plain yogurt topped with strawberries, coconut flakes and homemade granola has been a favorite breakfast as of late. I love some good homemade bread and hummus in between meals and I am an die hard avocado lover. Last time I did a 'on the menu' post (read here) I mentioned a recipe of a roasted sweet potato with wild rice and arugula salad that I was excited to try out. I've made that several times since, it's absolutely delicious!

Now on to the recopies, here are three dishes that have been added to my menu. First, the soup. A warm almond, garlic and parsnip soup sounds delicious and seems easy to make. Looking forward to this one. Second a smoky beet burger, yum! Plus, this is one for the 'hidden vegetable' category. Win win. Thirdly is the quinoa cauliflower patties, another 'hidden vegetable' dish that seems delicious.


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