This spring I made a portfolio when applying to school. I did some research to see how others execute their portfolios to find ideas and inspiration for my own. In the end I went with something that was very simple and sleek. For the cover I used black, thick carton paper but what I did to make it more interesting on the outside was that instead of sewing it together like many of my classmates did, I used screws in mine. I'm not going to show you the insides, only how I assembled mine and hopefully you can create this on your own whether it will be your own portfolio, sketch book, journal or whatever else you desire to make. I have had this blog post as a draft since march because I was so shy to share it but I just went ahead and I truly hope you like it.

What you need is of course the content of the book or portfolio, a thick paper carton for the cover. Screws to assemble, a ruler, hammer, clips to hold the portfolio in place when making the holes for the screws and also something to make the holes, you could use a screwdriver for this. First, measure up the cover around for the content. Mine was in the size A3 in a portrait layout, and I made the cover go all around the top (see photo #2) so that you would open upwards. Second, put in the content of the portfolio. Third, on a piece of paper measure up where you want the screws to be in place and secure on the book with paper clips (see photo #3). Four, make holes with the hammer and screw driver on the marked sports. Remove paper and secure the screws. Then voila! You've got yourself a portfolio.

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