Since moving out from my parents nearly seven (!!!) years ago - how time flies - I've almost always lived in small apartments. Apart from the first apartment which had an extra bedroom it's either been a studio or one bedroom apartments. Side note; I'm renting and I've moved six times since moving out. Yes, that's a lot. So here are a couple of tips on how to cope with the small space.

De-clutter. A small space needs to function first. Style comes next.
Good light. It makes the most amazing difference.
Organize. It may be a boring one to some but hey, it's damn important. To keep everything at bay it must have it's own space in the apartment. As we live in a one bedroom apartment with a three-year old son toys take up a large portion of the living room, so good storage solutions are of the essence. I have been eyeing these LEGO storage boxes. Practical, stackable and beautiful.
Decorate minimally. This point is a continuance from the first tip. When living in small apartments it can easily get cluttered and messy. Choose neutral colors or just a few colors that harmony well together and stick to it. What I do is I keep candle holders, vases and other decorative objects closed off and change them for different occasions, seasons and moods.
Rotate. If you can move things around from time to time, do. It keeps the space alive and interesting.

This list could go on and on but I've found these have come in most helpful. If you've got any more good pointers please share.

Have a nice one!

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  1. "Style comes next." I really like this statement :)


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