For the year twenty-fifteen (!!) it's all about detox. We are getting rid of the things we don't need or use - that storage room of ours is embarrassingly stuffed, the kitchen cabinets store a lot of items rarely use and a lot of cooking books we don't read for instance.  Also, for the home to feel more relaxed we are changing out our large kitchen table that came with the apartment for a white, round one. Because it's so big it just gets easily clustered in the kitchen with school books, laundry and more. Since even the Ikea ones have a rather large price tag we have been stalking the second hand stores and online shops for one in good shape.

On a completely different note. My sister Elín Erna who runs the beauty blog Elín Likes just launched her very first youtube beauty video. I am just so proud I had to share it with you. The video you can see here and her blog you can see here. She is defiantly worth the visit, in my opinion at least.

Picture | Sees by Sanni


  1. I'm having that kind of project too. I want to get rid of the clothes and furniture I don't like anymore and also throw away all the items I don't use anymore. It's hard but makes you feel good :) I love the decoration of your home, so clean and simple!

    1. Yea but we must realize it's just things - I've already taken a couple of bags of clothes to the Red Cross and taken a box of kitchen stuff to the local thrift store. I just think ok have I used this in the past year? If it's a no then it's going!

      I only wish this was my little kitchen corner but sadly it's not! But the table is identical to the one I've been scouting for!

  2. It's really nice, so natural. It is so cozy.


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