Today the light outside was so nice. This picture was snapped right before a storm hit and it got immediately dark. My son and I brought this little branch home with us the other day from a nice walk in the forest nearby.



Snippets times three is appropriate on the third of advent, yes?

One. I presented my final project in school last Friday and this hanger is a part of it made from Icelandic birch wood - more details on that one later, when I've found the perfect spot to hang it in my home.

Two. These angeltop cookies with black laquorish and marzipan are just too good. And so simple. Just rigid whip three egg whites and 200g of brown sugar and mix in a little bit of laquorish, chocolate or any sweets of your choice. Using a spoon place them into little tops on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes in a 150°C oven. Told you, easy.

Three. After almost a year of wearin my glued together glasses my eye wear hunt is over! You can only imagine how happy I am about that. These are from my good Swedish friend Gina Tricot and I am very happy with them.



Yes I'll have a large order of a good night sleep, please!

These last couple of weeks there has been very little sleep and very much studying and working on the final projects for the school. It'll all be over on tuesday and how I cannot wait to have a relaxing, stress free, christmas vacation. Until then - coffee. Speaking of which, me and two other girls in my class made a one-cup moccamaster for a high tech/low tech project last week - it's on instagram. You'll find me under @dagnybjorg_.

Photo by Frida Salomonsson.



Just wanted to give the third year product design students of Iceland Academy of the Arts a shutout for their WOOD YOU? series they did in collaboration with the Forestry Association of Reykjavík and presented last Friday. There are ten in total and you can see them all here.



Today I am at home with the little one who has got the flue. We did some Christmas gift wrapping and a little crafting with the good ol' plastic beats to make it a little more festive around the house.

The how to:
Using a small bowl made of steal we coated it with just a little bit of butter and placed some plastic beats in it. The buttery surface makes it easy for the beads to stick when you're spreading them out. Then placed it in the oven for about ten minutes in a 150°C oven - no fan.We did a white one and a multi colored one. My son loves these, we made a little tray last year using just a regular baking form made out of glass and it worked really well.



Feeling inspired by this airy flat that is up for grasps over at Fantastic Frank on this rather gray december morning. The wood, the whites, the brass. Ahh. More here.