15 September 2014


It is time to set aside my totes and purchase in a decent backpack for school. I have a certain kind of backpack in mind that is very simple, black, preferably leather and without any kind of bits and bobs. I saw this one in the men's department at COS and I love the shape of it and the details in the fabric. Unfortunetly for me though, they don't ship to Iceland so I kept on looking and found this one from ZARA man which is very similar but not as structured as the COS one. Then there is this one here, also from ZARA man that I still kind of like but I think I will opt for something a bit more neutral and simple.

one two three

12 September 2014


As the seasons change so does the variety of fruits and vegetables in the grocery store. And along side autumn, so comes the comfort food. And what is more comforting than a beautiful bright beetroot soup with a hint of thai flavors? I am really looking forward to trying this one out and I recon a pink soup will be very popular among my youngest family member. For the full recipe visit Modern Wifestyle.

08 September 2014


How about a home tour for a Monday morning? Yes, I'm in. This one is a Malmö based apartment with a view and it holds all of my favorite features in 54 sqm - amazing how real estate agents make those few square meters look like so, so many. We have the light hardwood floors, the high ceiling and the double doors - tick tick tick. It's all there.

05 September 2014


If you stop by regularly you will know that normally it does not go this long without an update. But I am settling into a new routine. My boyfriend has landed a new job, our son started going to a new kinder garden and for me, I have just started a new academic route at Iceland Academy of the Arts where I study product design. Instead of just throwing in a 'one photo...' kind of post I decided to dedicate my top spot to my magazine hanger a little bit longer, partly because I am very proud of that little diy - I hope you enjoyed it too? So after these loooong days of school and all that jazz I fall fast asleep on my new, crisp white, organic cotton pillow cases which Laura Thomas was kind enough to send over. You know that feeling when you're laying down in freshly washed sheets, still slightly crisp and with that fresh smell. Mmm, it's one of my favorite feelings...

27 August 2014


Ever since Sanna Trotsmans magazine holder came out diy's of a similar sort have sprouted on the surface. Most recently I saw this one by Joyce which encouraged me to just do it. I went out and got the materials I needed; 1,5m of leather string and two wooden beads in the appropriate size. The how to part of this project is fairly self explanatory: simply thread the beads on to the string, tie each end with a knot, whip out a couple of your favorite magazines and voila! I had a spare nail already on my living room wall so that is where it now hangs. I love the look of the woods natural veins so I didn't bother painting  the beads so that part is absolutely up to you.

25 August 2014


For me, as soon as school starts that's when autumn is just about here. The nights are getting darker and longer, the temperature is dropping and whenever a new school year comes around I start digging for those chunky knits and comfortable sneakers again. Home vise, it becomes all about blankets and candle lights along with a nice clear out. This time around I am taking my kitchen cabinets through an overhaul - as I have already given my wardrobe a proper clear out. What do you do when transitioning into autumn/winter months?

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