Oliver furniture is a Denmark based design studio with authentic and charming concept of furniture for kids and adults. Their recent Wood collection is a series of beds from high quality for the young people. The Nordic oak is one of the main elements in the collection and together with the rounded edges it gives it a soft and timeless aesthetics. The Loft bed with the benches underneath is really my favorite as it can grow with the child. Plus the extra floor space to play on.



 love the look of a nice, over sized winter coat. I have a wool one in grey and I just can't get enough of it. I wear it with a large dark grey scarf which keeps me warm during the winter months. These right here are a few that were recently pinned. Let's meet on Pinterest!



One quick little snipped of our recently hung wall lamp in the bedroom. This is where we have the most wonderful moments with our son, reading books in bed.



My grandmother gave me an old set of Hansa shelving system but the iron brackets got lost. After snooping around for over two years a set of three brackets were found. My father, the brilliant man he is, made three more sets for me so at last, the Hansa went up on a freshly painted living room wall.

It appears that there is very little one can find about the Hansa shelving systems but they were produced in Iceland by Hansa ehf in the 60s and were very common in Icelandic homes. From 1931 until the seventies there were import restrictions in place here in Iceland and during which time many workshops started producing furniture designed by mostly danish designers, and other things them self, even Legos. I did a little research about them two years ago when I got my system and I shortly found the Royal System designed by the danish Poul Cacbvious that are still in production since 1948. These shelving systems are almost identical aside from the quality of the wood. The Royal System is made from solid oak or walnut while the Hansa system is veneered.

My shelves are marked Hansa ehf but according to my parents there were a lot of workshops making them, that explains why there are a couple of versions of the iron brackets. It was even taught in schools around the country, my father made a system just like the Hansa when he was at school.  



Thanks to Ollie and Seb's haus I was introduced to Abacus Kids who recently celebrated their one year anniversary. What a beautiful shop for kids! So nice. I love their selection of clothes and toys.



Today I'm in awe with this place spotted on Fantastic Frank. What a beauty.