21 July 2014


This one is truly a thing of beauty. Located in the Netherlands and designed by Studio Niels where each and every detail has been carefully thought out. It may not seem much but it's all in the details. Perfection dare I say!

20 July 2014


The Pyro Pet candle looks like an ordinary cute little kitty candle but no no - as it burns the little kitten transforms as it reveals the wild beast and it's skeleton appears. The kitty, also known as The Devil's Pet, has gotten a lot of attention from magazines and blogs since it was designed by Þórunn Árnadóttir while she studied at Royal College of Art in London and it has never been available - until just last Friday. It came home with me from work that day and it's carefully watching over my living room.

Fyrir áhugasama þá fæst Kisi í: Hrím, Snúran.is, Epal, Aurum, Spark Design Space og Minju.

16 July 2014


Dust is the creation of Ágústa Sveinsdóttir who graduated from Iceland Academy of the Art this spring as a product designer. Dust is a collection of jewelry whose concept is that the wearer gets to experience it's transformation and distinction as the material fades away. I'm in complete awe of the collection.

14 July 2014


Here's a beautiful and inspiring glimpse into Marikas home to get started with the new week. Green plants in every corner, just the way I like it! Nice graphics and different textures play a big role with just the hint of wood, soft grays and pinks among the black and white interior bits. Just lovely. For more visit the home owners blog Nurin Kurin.

13 July 2014


So this is something new. Well, I did to a currently coveting / the shoe edition not long ago but you know what - let's just go with it. I thoroughly enjoy making these kind of outfit collages. There is not that much left of the lovely summer and I have already started looking around for a back bag and a uniform. That's the norm for the start of a new school year - a new pair of jeans and a sweater, maybe a new coat also. My two latest purchases include a scarf from Volki and a knitted jumper from Asos - very summery purchases indeed.

coat | top | jeans | shoes

11 July 2014


This little thing of beauty is a creation by the recently established Swedish label Calabaz. Made out of powder-coated aluminum with ash wood detailing and a textile cord the pendant light underlines the grace of the contemporary design and has the soul of an eco-friendly warrior. I love how they have taken the classic industrial lamp and given it a modern look.