28 July 2014


Vonnegut Kraft is a design duo founded in 2011 in New York by Katrina Vonnegut and Brian Kraft, utilizing local and regional resources maintaining the balance between contemporary technological manufacturing and traditional hand made craftsmanship. Crescent lounge was designed in 2014 and is carefully composed half round ash stock resolved into a series of balanced joints. I love the combination of the light ash wood with the light pink and deep green.

27 July 2014


Aureola is the result of an exploration of tea rituals by the design collaboration of Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva for Mjolk. Using red and black iron oxide powders to color the white porcelain, the tea set is composed of a main body, filter, and two cups. I am completely in awe! You can find out more about the gorgeous collection here and here. Amazing.

25 July 2014


I love it when the team over at Fantastic Frank style the apartments that are up for grasp half empty. It's only the essentials; a messy bed, kitchen table, some chairs and plants. It gives you the vibe that this could be yours when you have just moved in and are still settling in. If these left you wanting more of the beautiful space you can find it here. I wish you a happy weekend! I know I am going to spend mine with my favorite people and enjoy a long awaited weekend vacation after a twelve-day work term..

23 July 2014


So my current closer organization is not working out so well. It's all shelves and I just dread folding my laundry and clothes after they come off my back at night. That all combined results in a lot of wrinkled up clothes and because getting dressed in a hurry is the norm for me there is no time for ironing, resulting in me wearing wrinkled clothes most of the time. I have space in our tiny little bedroom where a clothing rack could fit very well. Here are my top thee 'I want you to store my wardrobe' picks but I might end up with something of a DIY kind. I will keep you posted on that...


21 July 2014


This one is truly a thing of beauty. Located in the Netherlands and designed by Studio Niels where each and every detail has been carefully thought out. It may not seem much but it's all in the details. Perfection dare I say!

20 July 2014


The Pyro Pet candle looks like an ordinary cute little kitty candle but no no - as it burns the little kitten transforms as it reveals the wild beast and it's skeleton appears. The kitty, also known as The Devil's Pet, has gotten a lot of attention from magazines and blogs since it was designed by Þórunn Árnadóttir while she studied at Royal College of Art in London and it has never been available - until just last Friday. It came home with me from work that day and it's carefully watching over my living room.

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