We all love and adore Mathilda Clahr's leather strap hangers that have been all around the blogosphere. A beautiful, simple and versatile item all around the house. But a wooden version?  For a current school project I am using Icelandic birch logs whom I have cut into very thin strips and then work with the wood. I had some leftovers that I used for this project.

The how to:
You can easily buy ready made veneer sheets in the hardware store. What I used for this were two 2 mm thick, 3 cm wide and 30 cm long strips of birch wood. I place the wood in a large baking tray and pour boiling hot water over it then let it set for about 10 minutes. That makes the wood easy to bend. After that time is done you take your wood, carefully bend it so that the two ends meet and secure with a paper clip until the wood is dry - for mine it took over night. That way the wood keeps it's shape when dry. Next make a hole on the top and hang on your wall. As I am using such a beautiful wood I don't want to paint it, although I recon these would look lovely in light grey, black or white.



Here's a little snipped of my new shelving system that was recently put up in our living room. As the winter is now upon us, every inch of the apartment is now filled with candlelight. These were easily made out of a couple of bolts found in my boyfriends tool box. Just make sure to have some little felt stickers underneath as they can turn quite hot and may leave a stain your furniture - oops.



Given that my current assignment in school is to make my own plywood from Icelandic birch wood and bending it into shapes - one of the results you can see here -  it's no surprise I have wood and bending things on my mind all the time now. You may remember this post about Annaleenas home styling for Blooc? Well, while scrolling through my instagram feed yesterday morning I saw a photo of this space with these beautiful Hooks by HAY from that same apartment. Completely relevant to what I am currently up to at school and it inspired me to keep on playing with ways on how to bend this beautiful wood I'm working with.



Too early to think about 2015? Not for a notebook and journal frenzy like myself. I have been waiting for Majolein Delhaas planners to come out and am fairly certain that a purchase will be made very early next month.



As I just got my desk at school I have desk organisation all over my mind. Scrolling through my favorite: My Dubio I came across this desk organiser using a long metal bar and bending it into place to hold your notebooks. Gorgeous!



Let's end the week with this home styled to perfection by Minna Jones from Time of the Aquarius, shot by Pauliina Salonen.