I'm sure we've all been drooling and dreaming over the new SS15 collection from Ferm Living. They are bringing their A-game this season, I feel. My favorite thing though is the wall rug seen above. I love that the wall rugs are coming back - they can bring so much texture and versatility into the space without being too much, you know? I recon I just might pick one up.

What is your favorite piece?

To see the rest of the collection go here.



My sons fourth birthday is coming up next Saturday and we are having a celebration to his honor. I always get so excited about his birthday parties and start making plans months in advance - remember the Lego decorations from two years ago?  This year it'll be yellow - his wishes for a party theme - and white. I'm thinking garland, balloons hanging from the ceiling and something along those lines. I really liked what Jennifer from AMM did for her daughters first birthday, very clean and simple yet festive and fun.

While we are on the subject of birthdays mine is also coming up soon and my boyfriend and I are packing our bags and hoppin' over to Copenhagen for a little weekend getaway. If you have any recommendations for what to see, do, eat let me know - I'd love to hear from you!



Here's one since yesterday that appeared on my instagram from when I was on my way to the bus stop heading to school. The air was crisp and the snow cracked underneath my shoes. It was a beautiful day. The afternoon was spent at the pup with beer and nachos with the classmates. It was lovely. What did you do?



So far, this year, the blog has been quiet. I know. But there is a reason for that! It's all very new and exciting. I just can't tell you about it - yet - so stay tuned my loves.

But my pinterest has not been as quiet. It's booming with pictures like these above. Check it out - here.



For the year twenty-fifteen (!!) it's all about detox. We are getting rid of the things we don't need or use - that storage room of ours is embarrassingly stuffed, the kitchen cabinets store a lot of items rarely use and a lot of cooking books we don't read for instance.  Also, for the home to feel more relaxed we are changing out our large kitchen table that came with the apartment for a white, round one. Because it's so big it just gets easily clustered in the kitchen with school books, laundry and more. Since even the Ikea ones have a rather large price tag we have been stalking the second hand stores and online shops for one in good shape.

On a completely different note. My sister Elín Erna who runs the beauty blog Elín Likes just launched her very first youtube beauty video. I am just so proud I had to share it with you. The video you can see here and her blog you can see here. She is defiantly worth the visit, in my opinion at least.

Picture | Sees by Sanni



Wanted to wish you a very happy twenty fifteen and thank you for the year that has passed! I am kicking it off with a quiet day with my family in winter wonderland - it's a lovely start to the new year.