18 April 2014


I went out of town for a few days this week with my little one to visit my family. I didn't bring my computer with me, which is very nice from time to time, but I did bring my phone along - and I did a little pinning. The result you can see here. It's Easter time and that means that spring and summer is just around the corner. My mind has been tilted towards white a lot in fashion and interior, comes with the season I suppose. Normally I am a black on black kind of gal when it comes to fashion, it's probably mainly because I can't keep a white shirt clean for more than five minutes. But here are my favorite white on white on white pins. I hope you enjoy and happy Easter to you!

one two three four

16 April 2014


We have all seen and love the leather straps by Mathilda Clahr. They are simply gorgeous. Subsequently DIY's of a similar sort have sprouted and here is one that I really like. Using an old leather belt and turning it into a towel holder. For full instructions on how to achieve this visit Ohoh Blog.  I really like how this looks but personally I would use the straps for the purpose of a magazine holder and skip the stick.

14 April 2014


I have followed All Is Pretty the blog for a while and I have always found it inspirational but I had never really had a look into her web shop. Now I wonder why haven't I visited sooner? She carries a small collection of lights and other decorative items. My favorite piece is this lamp in black, I also really like the styling of the picture too. 

12 April 2014


When I saw these wall hooks by Studio Macura first they reminded me of corkscrews but they were actually inspired by traditional shaker coat pegs. They are made out of bleached oak or beech and come in various finishes. They can be arranged in various ways on the wall, by itself or a few together. I would love to have these in my  hallway, I am currently on the hunt for nice hooks to have in there. The Muuto Dot has been a strong candidate but these could just as well be there too. 

11 April 2014


Today I am loving the watercolor painting of this beautiful tropical plant which is actually going to be the next plant I get for my home - I buy one plant a month and I am loving having this greenery around me. The print is by Tanja Vibe who is one of the founders of All The Way To Paris, a danish-swedish graphic design studio, and it's available on Stilleben. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Linnea is from Sweden, but living in Iceland with her Icelandic husband. When she was expecting she began looking around for clothing, interior and that kind of jazz like all expecting mothers do. Linnea found it hard to find products she really liked here in Iceland and so she decided to open up Petit, an online boutique, with children clothes, bedding and accessories from brands like OMM Design, Petter & Kajsa and Färg & Form that were not available in the Icelandic market before.  I really love the clouded bedding from Moln. it's my favorite. I like to keep our bedding light and easy and this one fits perfectly for that. Also I adore this little guy, he's too cute!

Petit.is offers worldwide shipping.