Cabinets: open or closed?

Beautiful pastels in a glass cabinet

Must keep your china where you can see it

Beautifully orginized

Just basics

Bowls and such

Coffee, spices, salad bowls beautifully displayed

Old country

Closed cabinet to keep all of the canned goods,
notice right besides the cabinet is a shelf that keeps the tableware

I would love to have open cabinets in my house. I know my boyfriend would love it - he really does not like to close those doors I'll tell'ya. Plus, since I keep moving things around and find new places for things he's pretty much lost in the kitchen ninety percent of the time.If you have some beautiful glasses, cups, & tableware - why not display it on a nice shelf in your kitchen. Makes the kitchen much more warmer and, well, homie. What do you think?

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