Simbahöllin Café

The "outrageously homely" café is to be found in Thingeyri in Dýrafjörður. It's run by a couple from Belgium who bought the house for 3000 ISK ($26) in 2006. The summer of 2009 they opened Simbahöllin Café. It holds all the original interior, the old hardwood floors, the old stairways and some of the old furniture since the house was built in 1906. No one had lived in the house for years and years so the house was far away from being at it's best when they bought it. Today, it serves the best belgium waffles in Iceland, some great lattes and from what I've heard some tasty pies that are made by their (danish) chefs grandmothers recipe.


  1. Virkilega flott, dálíð breytt síðan ég var skrifstofudama í kompu sem var inn af og skítköld

  2. very rustic and homely thanks for sharing these pictures!


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