Feeling inspired on a rainy Wednesday by Sagmeister & Wash renovated studio space photographed by Mario De Armas.

P.s. I'm back home feeling restless after a fantastic trip to Lund, Malmö and Cobenhagen! There was a lot of sightseeing, shopping, walking, dancing, drinking and eating but not so much sleeping. A big thanks to Anna Kolbrún and Guðrún Helga for being their fantastic self and perfect travel partners. I'll maybe share a few pictures with you later on from the trip. 


  1. Your blog is so filled with inspiration!! Love it =) Please tell me if you are posting something about urban kitchens...because I am looking for it these days.Have a lovely day.

  2. Ég spái oft í hvort fólk kaupi sér bækur til þess að getað raðað eftir lit. Mér finnst það mjög flott en kilirnir á bókunum mínum bjóða engan veginn upp á svona flotta litaröð. kv. Erla

  3. It is wonderful
    These are great pics...and the place is beautiful :-)

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