Hello sunny Wednesday! Today my summer vacation began, the school is done for the semester and I barely work for the next month and a half. I am planing on using this time to do some of the things I've been on my way to do or finish but never did. For example my friend has half of her kitchen cabinets down in my garage waiting to be painted since last November! I'm also doing some changes in my home. Yesterday I bought a new sofa and like I mentioned before, I have a new shelving system to put up. And since we live in a one-bedroom apartment my son's toys are in the living room and so I want to create something nice in his 'play corner' where he keeps all his toys.  Ever since I started blogging I've been shy about sharing bits of my home but if you are interested in taking a peak into my apartment let me know. 

On another note, I hear that Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap, whose blog I adore, is opening a new online store with her husband called Kollekt. I came across a little interview with her and a home tour on RUE daily. She has a great eye for details which make her home so much more interesting. 

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  1. Jennifer is such a talented jewellery designer and I love seeing the photographs of her home on her blog. Thanks for sharing all of these pictures of her home and letting me know about the new shop. And YES, I'd LOVE to see pictures of your home!


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