Shortly after I woke up this morning, I sat down by the kitchen table with my cup of coffee to check mail. A mail was waiting for me, letting me know that my Feel Inspired Blog was on the 'Top 50 Furniture Blogs 013' list at Shred Design. Amazing news to take with you into a new week.

What I have for you today is this Goteborg home which I adore. It has the usual features that always catch my attention: high windows, hardwood floors and double doors paired with gorgeous teak furniture, light fixtures and different patterns and textures. The wall art is great and I adore the collection of robots and teddy bears that are on display throughout the home. Hope you enjoy this home tour and have a lovely week.


  1. Congratulations
    what a wonderful home!

    ♥ Franka

  2. I am loving the shelf unit in the hallway. Would anyone know the name of it?

  3. Congrats ! You definitely deserve this ! x


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