Hi Tuesday! We had a long and wonderful weekend where we went to a family event with my boyfriends work, visited my parents and yesterday we celebrated Iceland's national day. All in all a pretty decent past three days... 

What I've got for you today is a peak into my office corner. I am currently on a hunt for a new chair, this one is literally falling apart! It's a part of my dining table+chair set that belonged to my great grandmother that she bought when she first started her own home so it's really old. The stick-up weekly calendar is from Poketo, I bought it at Hrím. Since I work just a little bit here and there it's nice to have this weekly calendar to remind the boyfriend of when I work because he easily forgets. The desk, shelf and filing storage is from Ikea, basic pieces that most people are familiar with. I wanted the trestles in white but they weren't available so I've been thinking about spray-painting them white. It's on the o-so-long to do list. I have plans to change the living room soon so after that's done I am planning on changing this corner slightly. I will probably show you the changes when they're done. 

Have a lovely day!


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