I know my blog focuses on home and design. But in my opinion home and food go hand in hand a little. Don't you agree? I think I've told you before that I am quite the morning person, and one of the joys of having an early morning is you actually have time to make a delicious breakfast and really enjoy it with a side of coffee or tea. So I was pleased to find the blog that focuses on the art of breakfast; Simply Breakfast. What is on your breakfast plate? Are you a cereal kind of gal or do you make yourself something extra special? I usually have oatmeal with berries, smoothies, greek yogurt with berries + muesli or a toast topped with something delicious. But on Sunday's it's hard to resist the classic eggs+bacon and/or pancakes!


  1. Hi!

    I love Simply Breakfast, the photography is stunning, the light always beautiful.
    My everyday breakfast is muesli with greek yogurt and a spoon of honey or jam. On the weekend, usually english muffins and jam or a brioche from the bakery :) And always a good cup of coffee to wake me up!


  2. Home and food definitely go hand in hand, nothing cozier than a breakfast at home <3 These pictures are gorgeous !

  3. What happened to Simply Breakfast? I'm crushed that it's open only to invited readers now...


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