It's that time again - a collection of my instagrams from last month! Here are my top nine photos.

1. Working with paper for a project at school 2. All lit up, after living in our apartment for nearly two years we still don't have a light in our dining room 3. My sister turned 20 in November, this is us before her birthday party while she was applying my make up 4. At my sister's birthday brunch with my little Moon 5. Máni and his dad having fun 6. This is the stool I designed for one of my classes! Better pictures will come up later 7. The stool acting as a candle table 8. I came home from school last Friday and this welcomed me, our apartment is flooded! 9. Because of the leak in our apartment I can't turn on lights in the living room so I've stocked up on candles that I keep in my Omaggio vase. 

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