So here it is - my very first DIY project by me on the blog, I very much hope you enjoy. The marble trend just keeps getting higher and higher it seems. You can make anything you can think of go marble. Even before I got my iPhone I have been lusting over these marble phone cases, now that I've had my iPhone for half a year or so I still haven't found myself a marble case in Iceland. Armed with self-adhesive marble foil and inspired by this I decided to take matters into my own hands and make myself a marble cover.

What you need to do this is 1. a phone case made out of hard plastic (I got mine from here2. marble foil available here and here for instance 3. scissors and a craft knife and lastly 4. a hair dryer and you are good to go! I found that the corners were a little bit tricky but in the end I got it right. Since the foil can be a bit stiff it may not bend the way you want it to, that's where the hair dryer comes in place. You simply heat up the areas that you need to fold for a short while with the hair dryer and that way it's easier to fold over. Good luck!


  1. Þvílíkur snillingur sem þú ert, lítur vel út! ;)

    1. Takk fyrir, ég var mjög ánægð með þessa útkomu.

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  3. Gorgeous ! Love the color and design of the phone case.


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