So, right next to my stove I keep a little dish where I keep my cooking essentials; the garlic, the sea salt, the pepper and the extra-virgin olive oil. The dish served it's purpose but I wanted to spice it up a little bit. Armed with foam carton cut into the size I desired and the trusty old marble self adhesive foil I made a little, simple tray. Simple and it looks a wee better than the dish. Now since I had already started to make that corner of the kitchen nicer I decided to take down that awfully clumsy shelf that was on the wall above. I think that the previous renters used it to keep their microwave on there but we don't own one of those so instead it collected junk. Now it's down and the space feels more open and way less cluttered! Small changes can go a long way! My pepper grinder is from Helgo and the jar where I keep the garlic in is the Bellino jar from Kähler just in case you were wondering.

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