If you stop by regularly you will know that normally it does not go this long without an update. But I am settling into a new routine. My boyfriend has landed a new job, our son started going to a new kinder garden and for me, I have just started a new academic route at Iceland Academy of the Arts where I study product design. Instead of just throwing in a 'one photo...' kind of post I decided to dedicate my top spot to my magazine hanger a little bit longer, partly because I am very proud of that little diy - I hope you enjoyed it too? So after these loooong days of school and all that jazz I fall fast asleep on my new, crisp white, organic cotton pillow cases which Laura Thomas was kind enough to send over. You know that feeling when you're laying down in freshly washed sheets, still slightly crisp and with that fresh smell. Mmm, it's one of my favorite feelings...

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