I had these two little plants that were in the need of a proper flower pot, but I just didn't find what I wanted. I recently upholstered a chair and I had some left over fabric and while I still had my mother in laws sewing machine I created these little plant pockets to go around the plastic pots. It's very simple and it took less than 10 minutes to make. That little pile of rope right next to it is a failed attempt to create a twenty five cm high sculpture out of rope and copper wire.

To make the plant pocket follow these steps:
1. cut the fabric into the size you need, depending on the size of the plastic pot that is going in. Make the height twice the size so that you can fold down the edges.
2. Sew along the top in a zig zag motion to secure the fabric from raveling. Fold the fabeuc in half and sew together the bottom edge and the side.
3. To make the corners look nicer pull them out while the fabric is still inside out and sew across the corners and cut away the excess.
4. Turn the fabric around, fold down the top part and place the plant inside the pocket. I have a small plate or bowl underneath to gather the water so that it doesn't leak on the furniture.


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