It's that time again where I sit down and run through my favorite food blogs (listed here) and pin down recipes that I want to try out. I find it really helps to keep the wallet happy on those trips to the grocery store to have meals planned at least one week ahead and have a list for the things you need and restrain yourself from unnecessary purchases. I even have a notebook for this task alone...

What I look for are super easy and healthy recipes as I don't always have the energy to do something complex - unless it's the weekend and I have time to wonder around in the kitchen. I make hummus and pesto's of different sorts regularly as I think that umphs up the boring ol' pasta. Here I'm making pesto using basil, chili, garlic, olive oil, salt + pepper and to mixit I find the jar + wand method makes it really easy and quick!

Every Friday we have home made pizza, it's a tradition I brought along from my home. But it's nice to try out different versions of the crust and a cauliflower pizza crust looks delicious, I've also come across some zucchini pizzas. I have been craving something spicy lately and a veggie taco with homemade salsa just may do the trick. I am one who loves a really good hamburger with crisp homemade fries on the side, but to skip the meat I'm excited for a black and beet mushroom burger.

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