Yes I'll have a large order of a good night sleep, please!

These last couple of weeks there has been very little sleep and very much studying and working on the final projects for the school. It'll all be over on tuesday and how I cannot wait to have a relaxing, stress free, christmas vacation. Until then - coffee. Speaking of which, me and two other girls in my class made a one-cup moccamaster for a high tech/low tech project last week - it's on instagram. You'll find me under @dagnybjorg_.

Photo by Frida Salomonsson.


  1. I feel you! I can't sleep because all of the school stress. It's like I can't shut down my brains when I go to bed. So coffee, coffee and coffee here too. I'm so glad today it's my last day at uni this year. I'm so gonna sleep all the time during christmas vacation

  2. I am curious to see your project process. You burn oil with feathers?

    1. We used a glass jar and in it is lamp oil and a thick piece of fabric that doesn't burn up very fast. The flame of this gets really big - over 10 cm creating a lot of black ash around the glass where the water is.

      Drop me a line on feelsinspired@gmail.com if you're interested in knowing more :)


  3. thank goodness for coffee, feels like a pretty huge part of the world would collapse if it ran out



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